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Melbourne-based dietitian Yuan has a Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Monash University. Over the years, Yuan has developed a special interest in the area of metabolic health, and has successfully helped people with diabetes, dyslipidemia, fatty liver, PCOS, obesity and other chronic diseases that have stemmed from what she firmly believes to be hormonal and metabolic imbalances. Yuan has seen clients struggle with losing weight and battling to understand why despite their best efforts, results are so dismal. With a dietary approach that is far from conventional (yet firmly grounded in science), Yuan helps her clients tackle the underlying metabolic disorders, and thus creating change in ways that are not often seen using conventional wisdom. This comes about because Yuan’s fundamental belief of why people gain weight and why people develop chronic disease is NOT as simple as “you’ve eaten too much” and “exercised too little”. She believes that your cravings, low energy, low mood and rapid central weight gain is not your fault, but rather the result of hormonal imbalances that can be rectified with the correct nutritional protocol. Yuan will stand with you, translating the latest research to practical advice in helping you lose weight and achieve optimal metabolic health.

New Year New Me: The Anxiety Driven Issues And The Anxiety-Resolving Solutions

New Year New Me: The Anxiety Driven Issues And The Anxiety-Resolving Solutions

Happy New Year! Moving into the new year is both exciting and nerve racking. 2016 was an amazing year for some, and a not so amazing year for others. For some, they achieved much. For others they didn’t achieve anything they set out to achieve. So, why the discrepancy? At the beginning of every year, almost […]