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Letter From The Editor 2017

Letter From The Editor 2017


Happy New Year!

Well, kind of. We’re a bit behind due to our X-mas shut down.


The New Year break is coming to a close as we embark on what will hopefully be another successful year for not only Evolved Media, but also our fantastic contributors and yourselves the readers.

While many companies and businesses working through the New Year break, we at Evolved Media believe in time away from the 9 to 5 routine grind, to shut off screens and enjoying our annual break to rejuvenate and take on the new year.

And in my role as the Editor, I have put my foot down and said… NO WORK! Woo Hoo!

As a part of the health and wellness community, we aim to practice what we preach, giving ourselves, the team and the contributors the time to reflect, refresh and re-launch into the new year. Through this time of decompression and de-stress, we aim to foster a natural creativity that will bring some fantastic and insightful content coming into February 2017.

I myself have taken a rather relaxed approach to work over my break, of which in the past had been unavoidable given the hectic scheduling of work, study and running a small business. However over the 2016-17 New Year break I switched off my social media/screens and spent more time outdoors, with family and doing the things I enjoy the most.

Through this I feel like I have arrived back to work with a clear mind and with clear goals for my 2017.

So I hope you’ve all have a restful break and are ready to take on 2017. If you need some tips, I have some awesome professionals with some great articles that will hopefully get you cruising smoothly and productively in to the New Year.


Ben Dillon

Founder | Editor


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