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Injury Horror Story: Old Injuries, Haunting Realities

Injury Horror Story: Old Injuries, Haunting Realities

Ever remember that old injury that really made an impact on you? The one that really took its toll and put your life or sport on the back burner, keeping you out of action for a few months.

These injuries are told to me like folk lore by the patients who rocked them way back when. They are described so vividly that I would almost believe it was yesterday. Every agonising and gritty detail from the shotgun snap, a bone crunching blow, to the time engulfing recovery.

These are a haunting reality for many of my long time and first time patients.

Funny thing about these stories… They rarely star in when it comes diagnosing a current issue.

Over the course of my time as a Personal Trainer and more recently a Myotherapist, I find myself asking my patients about their back pain, neck pain or hip pain, wondering what have we missed and why haven’t there been any improvements.

The BOOM..! “Oh yeah, I tore x-muscle almost off the bone 20 odd years ago, do you think that could have something to do with it?”

And like that, the last puzzle piece turns this story on its head like a Hollywood plot twist.

Too often does this happen. Too often am I notching that my older patients (45yrs+) have got a little hidden secret (apparently secret to them as well) that they have forgotten about.

When we finally discover these injuries, buried in years of pain, I ask, “so what was the recovery time? Did you seek help?” This usually followed by, “yeah but, I didn’t continue it”, or “yeah but it stopped hurting so I thought it was fine”.

Now I don’t blame those who have suffered from these injuries. Well I do somewhat, but I believe education and awareness is something that has only recently been upheld in recent times, and for those in this predicament, they were well before its time.

Due to the neglect, these injuries have manifested as a haunting reality. Patients are a compensative mess. One muscle holding up the tangled web of muscle and joints that was once a fit and firing body.

Injuries can be brutal in nature, however they should not be thought of as the end of the world, however a lesson in management and self care. It doesn’t have to be a horror story, especially not in this day and age.


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