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So why Evolved Media?

Health and wellness is an ever growing field. New modalities are arising, with people investing more in their health than ever before. But you’re probably wondering, who do I trust, what is the best therapy for me?

Evolved Media has been created to tell you just that. We are dedicated to shedding some light on the alternative and allied health therapies industry, to give insight into the diverse range of professionals that filter through our social media and news sites through various types of media.

By working with real contributors within the community, we aim to give people a realistic impression of the myriad of professions within the health and wellness industry. By having the professionals directly writing to, speaking to, and addressing you we aim to give you a direct look into how these fantastic individuals are helping those of you in the community.

Health is a business, but hopefully through creating a network and community we can make it more than just about money. That the health and wellness of the community and the individual will be paramount.

By creating daily content, we aim to educate our readers about everyday health and wellness related news, issues and events.

Evolved Media’s strength is in its network of like-minded practitioners who regard their patient’s health and well-being above anything else. The culture being that we believe in a holistic approach, and that there can be something gained from many different modalities rather than just one.

We hope you enjoy our site and the journey that we are on.


Ben Dillon

Editor & Founder